Diving in Dahab

A Tech diver in Dahab

In September 2012, I visited Dahab, which is situated on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, in Egypt. Being a technical trimix diver, I was drawn to the “Mecca” for technical divers, as it is widely recognized for its numerous deep-dive sites. Also, decompression stops in Dahab can be spent observing life on the reef, instead of “hanging” lines in the empty depths. There are many interesting deep dive sites, even ones that are accessible using a 4×4 jeep.

After the dive, one can comfortably enjoy a cup of Egyptian tea or relax with some yoga and meditation which have become very popular activities in Dahab. The atmosphere of Dahab is truly relaxing and unique. Evenings in the traditional Dahab restaurants flow slowly when telling stories and planning interesting dives.

The most famous dive site, of course, is the Blue Hole, where at depths ranging from 52m till 120m, the famous arch is to be found. One can dive in the arch either on air or on normoxic trimix, at a depth of 60 meters and the view of the arch underwater is simply breathtaking. Recreational divers however should resist the fatal temptation and stay within recreational diving limits! The bottom of Blue Hole is also an interesting dive at a depth from 90m till 120m below the arch, a dive that requires hypoxic trimix, a travel gas and two deco gases. Moreover the dive from the deep wall of “El Bells”, a stiff wall that goes below 250 meters, is a must dive. With a maximum depth of 90 – 100 meters and by entering the blue hole through the arch, the diver can enjoy a lifetime experience.

Another famous dive site is the Canyon and Neptune Cave. At a depth of 30 to 55 meters, there is the famous canyon with the exit to the drop off at 54 meters. Then at 75 meters there is a very interesting cave with a length of 30 meters. The decompression is very interesting due to the numerous corals and as well as due to the vibrant marine life.During my stay there I also visited the lighthouse, Ras Abu Helal and the Tiger Canyon; all are dive sites of unique beauty and interest.

The hotels and the restaurants are really good value for money in my opinion. You can find delicious local food for the adventurous as well as decent international cuisine for others, all at bargain prices.

To sum up, Dahab is a unique place for passionate divers who really love diving. For people who are more into nightlife and clubbing, Dahab is not the best choice. Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are more vibrant places with good diving as well as nightlife.

Mihalis Mihail


2 responses to “Diving in Dahab

  1. I was just reading about the Blue Hole in Dahab today – absolutely fascinating! Your photo of The Arch is stunning, and I definitely see why so many divers find it so alluring… However I read that immense water pressure can temporary disruption your nerve transmission – do you feel different at all?

    • glad you liked it thank you 🙂 if you dive within your limits of training and experience and if you are always very careful you will not have any problems. human error is the leading cause of dive accidents!

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