Diving in Santorini with Volcano Dive Center!

Santorini is well known for its romantic walks around the narrow streets of Fira, the amazing views from the Caldera and the beautiful sunsets of Oia. But what is there for the adventure seekers?

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I had the chance to dive in Santorini and can assure you it was impressive. Fair enough, the Mediterranean does not have the sea life one would see in the Red Sea or Asia but the diving in Santorini is nevertheless excellent. A great variety of dives are available: wreck dives, drift dives, volcano dives, cave dives, night dives are only a few types of diving that can take place around the island.

The amazing rock formations, the huge boulders, the lava, the numerous caves and caverns, the large pinnacles and the several reefs are what make Santorini’s dive sites unique! I had seen the very distinctive island formation and colors (beaches and lava) before but I did not expect to see such an interesting underwater world; really different and wild underwater scenery.

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In Santorini I went diving with Volcano Dive center (http://scubagreece.com) which is located in Kamari beach, in the southeastern part of Santorini. The dive Center met high diving and professionalism standards for sure. Excellent equipment and facilities ( e.g. all equipment are Scubapro ) and they have 3 very spacious and comfortable dive boats which are very well maintained and suitable for all weather and winds.

The staff and the instructor really know what they are doing and what is more important is that they have been diving in Santorini for many years. It is a reputable dive center, very well known in the dive industry in Santorini as well as in Athens with a sister store under the name Sotiriou Diving Center.

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I rented, together with my friends, some GoPro cameras from the dive center and explored a few dive sites which I will write all about in another post. We also went with Volcano Dive Center on a private dive day trip which included two dives (Caves and Palaia Kammeni ship wreck) and then we had arranged with the instructor to take us for lunch with the boat to Ammoudi, a lovely area under Oia with many fish taverns with excellent cuisine. We went to Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna and really enjoyed our lunch and by sunset we were off back to Kamari.

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Tips/ recommendations

  •  Book in advance; especially in the summer months it gets really busy (www.scubagreece.com)
  •  If you are not a diver and don’t have time for a course you can do Discover Scuba Diving which does not require previous experience and you can experience diving in Santorini
  • Many local cafes, bakeries and restaurants near the dive store
  • Private tours and dive trips can be arranged
  •  Snorkelers and non divers are welcome on the boat
  •  Do rent a Gopro to film your dives
  • Don’t forget sun protection! Greece can get very hot in the summer months
  •  Many supermarkets around the dive center to buy snacks or refreshments to have with you on the boat.

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