Paragliding in Poiana Brasov Romania

Flying with an expert!

We are big fans of extreme sports and we always seek for adventure! This time we had the idea to try paragliding off the snowy slopes of Poiana Brasov.
We met the correct man, a “crazy” paragliding professional and instructor, since 2000, Marius Duta.

Marius Duta in Wingsuit

Marius started skydiving in 1992 when he was only 16 years old and now counts more than 1400 jumps. He also started paragliding in 1993 and now has more than 8000 flights!!! Marius actually spends more time midair than on the ground! To find him, just look for the man with a parachute or a pair of wings attached to his back! It is interesting to note that Marius actually got into extreme sports by chance, after accompanying a friend on a jump; he was only sixteen when he got the bug.

parapente with skis

helicopter fall

Marius Duta Birthday skydive
In 25 March 2006 Marius did a World paragliding hot balloon record jump from the Stratosphere, from a height of 10761m. Today Marius has a paragliding school, ECO-S paragliding, and he travels all around the world throughout the year to go jumping and flying!

Marius took care of all the safety procedures and gave us a very informative briefing. We then took the lifts to go up the slope. It was a ski centre not in use anymore for skiers; it’s only used for paragliding. The mountain we jumped off from was Bunloc. When weather conditions are not advantageous in the winter, they also fly from another place called Postovarul.

Lift to go up Bunloc

It is important to note that Marius is a fully licensed instructor. This involves passing rigorous written, practical and medical exams. We would not trust our lives, and we suggest that you don’t, in the hands of someone who is incompetent or does not possess such a license.
The moment I sat on my lift chair I started to stress out and think that maybe I should go back. Even though I knew that I was going to do this I just wanted to moan and once again and act like a cry baby! John was nervous as well; he was looking at me and wondering why we have to go through this ‘fear punishment’.

Agra & Marius going up the lift
When we reached the top of the slope we had to set our parachutes with the help of Marius and his colleague. All I have to say is that it was an AMAZING experience!
Really looking forward to try skydiving as well very soon and hopefully with Marius again!

view from top

view Bunloc


up in the sky

Amazing experience

Flying :)

coming to ground

landing time

landed :)

fall down while landing

boom down

Agra & Marius Duta

The boys


John when he landed

Agra & Marius




  •  Contact Marius semnal_ecos@yahoo.comskype:acrog-forcetel: +40 723 333 193
  •  Do wear very warm clothes and have ear muffins and gloves. It is very cold up there!
  • Always listen to the briefing and to what you are being told e.g. never try to put your legs down while landing!
  • For accommodation in Poiana Brasov, we recommend to arrange everything for you

3 responses to “Paragliding in Poiana Brasov Romania

  1. Also on Tips: It is recommended to have a “chicken” friend who is too scared to do the paraglide so they can take great photos of the rest of the team while landing.

    • hahah noo she is not a ‘chicken’ friend she is a lovely friend ❤ who is wise and not into risky adventures!!! thanks for the photos by the way, i know you were freazing while waiting for us! ❤ xxx

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