Living Colours Dive Resort

After a 3 hour flight from Jakarta to Manado, we met the staff of Living Colours Dive Resort (http://www.livingcoloursdiving.com/en/), who were waiting for us at arrivals. We went straight to the harbor with a small stop at a local supermarket to buy ourselves some snacks and treats and to exchange some Euros for Indonesian Rupiahs. Living Colours arranges free-of-cost airport transfer which made our transfer hassle-free and relaxing. We had a private boat arranged for us as well, so we set off immediately! On the way to Bunaken, Manado Tua (a cone-shaped extinct volcano) stood out on one side and the highlands of Manado, where you can see the volcano of Mt. Lokon, on the other side! A truly beautiful setting! Across from Bunaken, lies a small island called Siladen which is surrounded by white sandy beaches. Siladen has more high-end accommodation and the reason must be because of its size and of course because of its beautiful beaches. It was hard to spot our hotel, on the East side of Bunaken, because of the mangrove trees which provide great camouflage.

We were greeted and welcomed with a refreshing drink at the Safety Stop Bar!  Where we sorted out our paperwork and made arrangements for our diving equipment. The rest of the day was spent discovering the hotel and our bungalow which was beautiful! Basic but with all the amenities, very spacious and comfortable.

Living Colours offers all-inclusive accommodation, including three meals per day plus coffee, tea and biscuits throughout the day. There was a great variety of delicious local and international dishes!

The main village of Bunaken is a 15 minute walk from Living Colours and should be visited.  One can see the how locals live there, a beautiful Church in the middle of the village and many lovely children running up to you to say hello and take some photos of you. There are also some small shops were you can buy some snacks or drinks.

As there are no cars in Bunaken, we stopped an ojek (bike) and he took us around the island to see the more far villages and beaches. It was funny as we went to a beach were Agra’s feet got stuck in the mud and she thought she would drown in the muck. We also went with a local to watch a football match. Football is the only sport played in Bunaken and the locals are very good players.

Overall, we had a fantastic week at the Living Colour Dive Resort and we highly recommend it for a perfect stay in Bunaken Island. Thanks to all the very friendly staff and the owners of the resort who made our holiday very memorable!

Next post will be about Diving in Bunaken so stay tuned!!!


  •  Wi-fi connection in all bungalows and all around the hotel
  •  Bottled water in your room
  •  They provide plenty  mosquito repellent and a torch
  •  Do buy something for the children in the village they will be so happy that all the family will come and sing/dance around you and take photos of you
  •  Barbecue party at Living Colour Resort is a must! The staff has formed a music band with homemade musical instruments and will make sure you   have a wonderful evening

  •  Massage and various spa services are offered in your bungalow! All guests have a complimentary massage on arrival.

  •    There is no beach in front of the hotel but that was not a  problem as we went with the boat all around the island every single day
  •   Highly recommended hotel for divers

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  1. OMG! That looks so relaxing and as for that bed? *Wow* how cool is that? My brother lived in Manado for about 10 years. He’s a driller who was married to an Indonesian lady. Unfortunately no longer. Now living in Laos married to a Lao lady. ….Paula x

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